About me

For me drawing has never been a need but it become a neecessity when i starter to do it seriously.

Painting  si an intirior process, for me it means searching the right tools to bring back my past,the good and bad memories and the closest people in my life, children first.

Through painting my goals is to show events, places and people stratification,some specific emotions that i have lived during my life and to make memories where past and present are going to join together in a new time, whit a name so far.

Through the stratification and the overlay photographes i am able to relive the most important changes during my life: from religions faith to secularism, from the north italy to the south, from my loneliness to beign a mother. I paint to tidy up my life, to discover that my scrapbook is still growing.

I studied graphics at the art istitute in Monza, scenography at the Art Accademy in Urbino, then in Milan. I worked whit the serralves Museum in Oporto in 2001. During the 2001 I did a specialization in art education at Rivoli’s Castle in Turin, whit Muba (Children museum in Milan), the education dipartment of Sforza Castle in Milan and right now I am workin in the children’s Academy of the Prada Foundation in Milan where I co-project different workshop and artistic installation.

I have been a in some different collective expositions and some private ones, for example:

  • – i.c.t.h.u.s allestita in Ken Damy Museum in Brescia (2001)
  • – ICONOGRAFIA EMOTIVA  in Must Museum in Vimercate (2015)
  • – ICONOGRAFIA EMOTIVA in India Theatre in Rome  (2016)
  • – ICONOGRAFIA EMOTIVA In Elf Theater in Milan (2017)